Lars Diget

Seeking Speaking Opportunities

Sep 22, 2020 13:14 · 165 words · 1 minute read

I work as a Lead Platform Architect at the LEGO Group, where I am the acting product owner of our analytics platform supporting the digital consumer space. In my spare time, I like to work on old retro 8-bit computers.

I have some experience speaking internally and externally. I would, however, like to sharpen that tool even further. Therefore, I am seeking speaking opportunities outside of my work, be it conferences or local events (virtual or in-person).

I can speak to various topics such as:

  • Our journey from buying into an analytics eco-system to building our very own analytics platform to going open-source
  • The analytics challenges of COPPA, GDPR, and the Planet49 verdict
  • Check-mark vs. Hypothesis-driven approaches to working with analytics
  • 8-bit computers and why programming for them still make sense 35 years later

I do speaking engagements in my native tongue (Danish) or English.

You can see details here on how to get ahold of me if this could be of interest to you.